Stafettpinnen - Pass it On is a humanitarian foundation that supports measures and projects with focus on children's right to a safe upbringing and education.


In accordance to the Foundations' statute all contributions  are given on the recipiants terms.  The children get hope for the future going to school. 

Great need for facilities
The children are so happy to go to school, it gives faith in the future and freedom of choice. 

Building a School
NorMad Sport Aid has put up the first buildings at Gratia Primary School and is preparing next faze. 

Schoolproject in madagaskar


We  are fund-raising to finance the second building at Gratia primary school , on the countryside  outside the coastal town

Mahajanga, Northwest Madagascar.

Joined forces
NorMad Sport Aid og Stafettpinnen works together. First we fund building a school.

 NorMad gave soccer jerseys and satchels to children at Gratia Primary School from a Norwegian sponsor. ​